We congratulate spectrometer SPAS-02 developers

We congratulate spectrometer SPAS-02 developers with the completion of Research and Development (R&D) of one of the most successful spectrometers in Russia.

First of all, Active Co. thanks the best scientists and engineers of Saint-Petersburg, without who we could not get the world-class spectrometer, which operates on more than 100 enterprises in 6 countries around the world!

  • Sukhomlinov V.S. (Saint-Petersburg State University) — general concept, physics of processes, mathematical processing of the results
  • Ivanov V.A. (Saint-Petersburg State University) — spark generator (spark source)
  • Samokhin A.N. (Monitoring Ltd.) — optical scheme, construction
  • Ozerov D.S. (Promekopribor Ltd.) — the system of spectrum registering, electronics
  • Petrov V.A. (Yugra-PGS Ltd.) — software

We thank you for active participation in spectrometer SPAS-02 modernization and developments of new line of devices, taking into account the most progressive world technologies and technical decisions.

We also thank the other participators of this project, which became for them a jumping-off place for new undertakings.

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