North-Western manufacturing company Active

North-Western manufacturing company "Active"

runs its activity successfully since 2000, specializing in developments, manufacturing and supplies of analytical and monitoring equipment for the enterprises of metallurgical field.

Nowadays the leading directions of the company “Active” are: manufacturing, delivery and maintenance of optical emission spectrometers SPAS-02 and laboratory electrolysis plants ELAM. The biggest manufacturing enterprises of Russia and its neighboring countries, with which our company had arranged long-term collaboration (follow "Our clients"for more info), are among our customers.

We can state proudly, that our devices for the analysis and monitoring of physical-mechanical properties and chemical composition of metals and alloys have got the recognition and the highest estimation both among Russian specialists and abroad.

Kindness, individual approach and careful attitude toward every client are our basic concepts. We are always glad to do everything possible in order to satisfy the needs of everyone who has addressed out company. Read more page "About us" ›

OES Spectrometer SPAS-02

Easy and affordable.


Accurate express analysis of all types of alloys: Fe-base (all steel and cast iron) and any other bases (Al, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ti, Mg, Co, etc.).

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Laboratory electrolysis plants ELAM


Gravimetric electrolytic (electro gravimetric) analysis of copper, nickel, lead, cobalt and other metals in the alloys and fine metals.

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