Dynamic of evolution of spectrometer SPAS-02

Evolution of spectrometer SPAS-02

Starting point

The strategy of Active Co. is the solution of the tasks of the selected market segment.

Since 2005 the selected market segment are industrial enterprises of Russia, working with metal (foundry, metallurgical, machine building, etc.).

The main task is the elemental analysis of metals and alloys.


2003 — 2006

Marketing research, development and production of metal sorter using indirect methods (electrical conductivity, thermo-emf, coercive force, etc.), study, sales and service of spectrometers PAPUAS. Participation in the formation of consumer properties and the market launch of the Argon 5SF spectrometer (2004).

The result is the definition of the appearance of the Engineer-Class spectrometer, which has a combination of consumer and economic properties, most in demand in the mass segment of industrial enterprises.


2006 — 2007

Active Co. had developed spectrometer SPAS-02. Despite the high technical level of training of the employees of Active (from Banach space to space vehicles), some of the best specialists of St. Petersburg in their fields were involved in the development (read more Developers of SPAS-02).

The first modification of SPAS-02 was included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments under No. 34296-07.

Spectrometer SPAS-02 sample of 2007

Spectrometer SPAS-02 sample of 2007.


2007 — 2008

Entering the market, successful sales. Victory in the contest "Successful entry to the market". The beginning of the SPAS-class. This is a domestic compact spectrometer at an affordable price. Next, several similar spectrometers from other manufacturers appear.



Crisis. Decline in sales. Search for new markets (India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan).

Spectrometer SPAS-02 sample of 2008

Spectrometer SPAS-02 sample of 2008.


2007 — 2008

Creation of a twin that built its success on the popularity of SPAS-02.

Photo of spectrometer-twin of SPAS-02

Photo of spectrometer-twin of SPAS-02.


2012 — 2014

Update the membership of Active Co. The arrival of talented youth. Rapid development of new modifications of the main nodes.

Expansion of consumer properties.


2015 г.

Completion of the next modification.

The new case is made of modern composite material, which significantly increases noise immunity and stability of the spectrometer.

This is the first similar case among Russian spectrometers and the second one in the world!

Spectrometer SPAS-02 (modification of 2015)

Spectrometer SPAS-02 (modification of 2015).

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