What is the pre-TR tube for

sparking tubes

Many Customers and Users of spectrometers ask this question. Therefore we give short justification of the need of use of the pre-transmit-receive tube of spark table of spectrometer SPAS-02.


The pre-transmit/receive tube of spectrometer has the following advantages:

  1. Provides with the maximal speed of current buildup in dI/dt impulse in comparison with any semiconductor analogs, that is the front of a digit pulse is most  sharp that allows transmission of the energy of digit pulses to the analyzable sample with minimum losses and, as the result, improves generator efficiency.
  2. While maintaining constant conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) in an auxiliary spark gap, it provides stable reproducibility of parameters of digit pulses that provides good convergence of parallel measurements.
  3. Reliability and simplicity of the design: is not susceptible to the destroying influence of currents (unlike semiconductor elements), the maintenance is not required.
  4. Protects the electric circuit of the generator from closing of circuit of the main spark-gap, what saves the resource of operation of protection devices.
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